Reporting and business intelligence is a very big part of our business and yours.

Operational Dashboards

The Avianis business intelligence engine provides unprecedented visibility into all areas of your business. Through intuitive dashboards you no longer have to go digging for the data you need to make informed decisions. Operational dashboards also bring any areas of risk or issue to the forefront to allow you to manage your business in a more proactive manner.

Data Analytics

With intuitive and functional data analysis tools you can easily create your own reports. This type of in depth access to your data makes it easy to analyze customer, flight, crew records, aircraft maintenance and billing data down to the most intricate detail. It is after all your data to do with as you please.

Regulatory Reporting

With vast library of regulatory reports you will never need to struggle to collect data and build reports for an upcoming audit or visit from your POI.

  • 30, 60, 90 Crew Flight Activity Summary
  • Activity Summary by Type
  • Monthly Duty and Rest
  • Hard Days Off
  • Personnel Qualification and Training Due List